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how to write a one page business plan

Financials? Competitive market advantages? Price points and selling strategies? Are you stuck planning your one-page business writing assignment? Don’t know where to start? Don’t know what to do? We’ll guarantee you:

  • An excellent one-page business plan that’s custom written for you;
  • A cost-effective solution to your business class problems;
  • Extra free time so you can enjoy your college life;
  • One of the quickest and easiest ordering processes in Canada.
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Why should you hire our writers for your next business writing assignment?

Business writing is different from other forms of writing; it’s direct and succinct. A one-page business plan's goal is to capture the reader's attention. Therefore, only the MOST important information should appear on your page. But what if you don’t know what to include and what to leave out? Then leave it to us! We have experts in this field of study standing by to assist you. They know how to write a one-page business plan that will help you excel in your course.

You can contact us 24/7 and our support team will quickly respond to any questions you have. No matter what your deadline is, our writers are here to help you. Plus, with our money back guarantee, there’s no risk to you. So go ahead and let our writers work on your assignment so you can spend time on the things that matter to you. Reach out to us today!

A one-page business plan's goal is to capture the reader's attention
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Key elements of a one-page business plan

A one-page business plan is a condensed version of a longer business plan. Therefore, it is imperative that you only include the MOST RELEVANT information. The plan often works as a ‘pitching tool’ to create interest with potential investors or lenders. It is NOT the place to go in-depth about your business.

A one-page business plan generally consists of 5 elements:

The problem The solution Business model Target market Financial summary
What do you customers need? Your product/service Cost of production Who is your customer Sales forecast
Relevant data How it solves the problem Price points How many customers are there? FInancial metrics
Description of the problem you are trying to solve Why it’s needed Selling strategies Customer demographics Funding goals

The key is to keep it succinct and brief by giving an overview of the CORE elements of your business.

Are you tired of searching for what you need?

Our experts will answer any of your questions and help you choose a topic for your paper. Don't be afraid to ask the toughest questions. We are always in touch, just contact our online support.

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Who will write my one-page business plan?

When you place an order with us, we will assign you to one of our that specialize in business writing. Our writers have years of experience and they will craft you a professional, well-written one-page business plan. At MrsWriter, we conduct on-going quality control with all our writers. We read every client review to ensure that our business writers are adhering to our very high standards.

Business writing is a specific skill set; it’s not the same as writing an English essay or a personal statement, for example. This is why we have a wide range of writers who are all experts in their respective areas. Because your business plan project is in the finest hands, you may relax.

If you are not completely satisfied with your business plan
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I’m happy with my business plan, but I’d like a few small changes. Is this possible?

 At this point, you’ll be given the opportunity to discuss your business plan

Of course! At MrsWriter, we pride ourselves on our superb customer satisfaction. Sometimes, you might want a revision or two and we understand this. Therefore, we offer up to ten days for you to request changes to your assignment.

There is no additional cost for this service. Additionally, we offer a full money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Chances are, though, you won’t need to use this guarantee because our customers are always happy with our work. Place an order with us to see for yourself why we are one of the leading online homework helpers in Canada.


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What is the goal of a one-page business plan?

Business students are often assigned a one-page business plan because it is an essential element of any new company. Entrepreneurs rely on these documents to ‘get their foot in the door’ with lenders for their businesses. The plan showcases:

  • Strengths of the business/company;
  • Financials;
  • Competitive advantages;
  • Potential product costs vs sale price.

All successful businesses offer a solution to a problem. The main issue that your firm is attempting to tackle is covered in a one-page business plan. Clearly, if this is a class assignment, the plan is hypothetical. Your professor will need to see that you understand:

  • The correct format;
  • How to execute this type of strategic proposal;
  • The nuances of a business plan.

One-page business plans can typically be challenging to write because they are so short and succinct, yet they must have the relevant information. Therefore, it’s best to leave this type of assignment to one of the experts at MrsWriter.

Why you need our expert business writers in Canada

You may hear other students in your business class talking about templates. Yes, there are templates available on-line for students to lean on. These templates are problematic, though, because:

  • They are traditional; they have not evolved with changing trends;
  • Professors know when you’ve used template samples;
  • Templates don’t offer solutions for your specific assignment requirements;
  • Sometimes, templates are not correct; they ask for incorrect information.

At MrsWriter, we don’t recommend using a template for your one-page business plan. Templates often don’t lead to the highest grades because most of them are average and bland. To achieve the highest grade possible on your business plan, you need to impress your professor with something unique, not something boring written from a template.

Our writers know exactly how a business plan functions and, therefore, they know exactly what to include. They create custom business plans just for you based on your specific assignment goals. Don’t take the chance of getting an average grade with a subpar template when you can hand in a unique business plan that’s sure to fetch a high grade. Order a business plan from us today.

My work must be finished right away. How long does it take to place an order?

Our online process is very simple and convenient. Once you’ve registered with our website, filled out the required info, and submitted payment, you’ll be assigned to one of our writers. At this point, you’ll be given the opportunity to discuss your business plan with your assigned writer. You can upload any pertinent documents and your writer will get to work for you. Honestly, it couldn’t be easier to place an order with Mrs. Writer. But don’t take our word for it – go ahead and try it for yourself.

How much money does it cost to order a one-page business plan with MrsWriter?

Getting help with school assignments should be affordable for students. Therefore, our pages are just $17.55 per page for custom written, plagiarism-free schoolwork. We ask $11.70 per page of expert editing, and a simple proofreading of your paper costs $9.96 per page. We have some of the most competitive prices in Canada. When you combine our affordable pricing with our money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose! And because a business plan is a single one-pager, the cost is really cheap. There is no risk when you hire us. So what are you waiting for? Our business writers are only a click away.

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I’m taking a summer course. Do you offer services in July?

We do. Our services are available 24/7, twelve months a year. You can place an order with us any time of the year, including the summer. So take the first step and contact us today.

I haven’t done any research for my assignment. Will your writers do that for me?

Yes. Our writing services include any required research as well as the proper formatting and citations. So don’t worry! Just send us the assignment and we’ll do the rest.