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Questions about our company's operations, the services we provide, and the assurances we make are addressed in this section.

Overall issues

What exactly is the MrsWriter platform?

On MrsWriter, students have access to a pool of hundreds of qualified academic writers who are ready and waiting to help them with their papers.

Does MrsWriter provide legitimate services?

Having MrsWriter in your employ is quite legitimate. To improve their essay writing abilities, our company just gives students access to writing examples and research support. Additionally, MrsWriter has a zero-tolerance policy on copyright infringement.

Why should I decide to use MrsWriter?

Why do college students choose to rely on our service:

  • Quality original creations. We promise that when we're done, you'll have a completely unique and high-quality product. The papers have no typos and provide extensive coverage of the topic;
  • Superior competence above and beyond the competition. A solid foundation of experienced writers who were thoroughly vetted before being hired gives us confidence in the quality of our work;
  • Privacy for our customers. Our customers may be certain that their privacy will be respected at all times. We promise that our customers' information will never be shared with any other parties. Additionally, an email address is all that is necessary to confirm your account;
  • Numerous available authors to choose from. We employ hundreds of professionals with advanced degrees in a wide range of fields;
  • Contact the writing expert. The writer is chosen by the company by default; however, the customer has the option of requesting a different writer at his discretion. In particular, there is an option of requesting the writer with whom the customer has previously collaborated.
What's the process for ordering your writing service?

When you hire a writer from MrsWriter, you'll receive your assignment done quickly and accurately. You may place an order quickly and easily by signing up for an account on our website with only your email address. Here in short is how everything works:

  • The customer completes all required forms and, if applicable, attaches extra files;
  • Our writers are professionals who cannot afford to wait for payment before starting work, therefore payment must be done before the writer begins work;
  • Currently, the company chooses the writer by default. However, the customer may request a different writer if they so choose; in particular, they can prefer the writer with whom they have worked before;
  • The customer is encouraged to communicate with the writer throughout the process to provide input, steer the work in the desired direction, and highlight any particulars that are of importance to him;
  • As long as the revision requests are made within 10 days after delivery, we will make as many changes as the customer wants at no extra cost.
Do you ever duplicate solutions or other content from the internet?

Plagiarism is a serious concern, hence none of our authors ever plagiarizes anything from the web. All of MrsWriter's professionals are well-versed in the essentials of academic writing. We have experts in every discipline, so you may work with a writer who has direct expertise in your area of study. After finishing an order, we run it through our plagiarism detection system to make sure everything is completely original.

Our system does a double-check by comparing the input with our archive of completed orders and the text of the website itself. In addition, we have stringent regulations in place for all of our writers to follow so that you always obtain authentic, high-quality work from us.

Do you use already prepared papers?

Originality is guaranteed with every order since all of our papers are created from scratch. The finished tasks are one-of-a-kind because we follow the specific guidelines you specify. Writers will take into account any extra instructions you provide, whether they are from a professor, a lecturer, or yourself.

The ordering process and delivery

Can I be sure to get a qualified writer?

At this point, the company will choose the writer for you by default. Of course, the our customers are always free to ask for a new writer. Specifically, clients have the option of reserving the services of a writer they have already collaborated with before. Throughout the writing process, the client is encouraged to communicate with the writer, provide input, and establish both the broad goals and the subtleties that are most important to him.

What kind of delivery method will be used for the paper? Can I expect to get the article by email?

When your paper is complete, you will get an email notification. After that, go to the order page and look at the "List of submitted files by the writer" to make sure the paper was completed as requested.

Could I have some sample drafts reviewed before the due date?

We can make it happen, yes. Ask for drafts of the previously written material in communication with your writer, who will gladly oblige you.

When can I expect to get my paper?

The writers will work quickly to meet your deadline. Bear in mind that the writer will want extra time to compose a lengthy paper in order to do sufficient research, include all necessary elements, and adhere strictly to your requirements. If you want a high-quality paper on time, it's best to get in touch with us in advance.

What kind of action should I take if a writer fails to meet my deadline?

Our authors are dedicated to meeting your deadlines, and they will do all in their power to ensure that you get your completed paper well in advance of that date. Refunds are available at any time if you ever have such a problem.

Can I request revisions to the paper before the final payment is made?

If you find that the paper doesn't follow the guidelines you provided when you ordered it or that it contains errors, you must ask for a revision and explain why. As long as the revision requests are made within 10 days after delivery, we will make as many changes as the customer wants at no extra cost.

Details on authors

Who will help me with my assignment?

Our orders are handled by a staff of expert writers and editors. A rigorous application procedure must be completed by each of them before they can begin working on any projects. Our Quality Management team administers and reviews all the exams and written assignments that the candidates are required to complete.

In order to ensure that the writer is qualified, we verify their identity and credentials before letting them take on any orders. After observing the writer's output for a certain amount of time, QM staff may determine whether they are a good fit for the team. The following qualifications must be met by all potential MrsWriter authors:

  • Describe writing abilities and professional background;
  • Prepare for and successfully complete a 30-minute examination;
  • Submit an essay that demonstrates an excellent command of English grammar and style;
  • Give us complete and correct personal information (send in a photocopy of their ID and diploma or other evidence of higher education).
Is it possible for me to talk to the person who is writing my paper?

After a customer places an order and makes a payment, they are immediately assigned a writer to work on the project. Client and writer may have open communication throughout the project so that client can provide feedback and help shape the project's overall direction as well as provide input on any specifics that are of utmost importance.

Do you allow file sharing with your writers?

Yes, you can, and in fact, you should! The writer is better able to complete the assignment as instructed and include all relevant classes, references, and resources with the aid of the additional files. If you feel that your assigned writer might use some more materials, feel free to send them a note and ask. Success depends on teamwork.

Customer satisfaction and quality

What kind of quality assurance can you offer?

Because they value their professional reputations, our writers will only provide the highest quality papers to you. They are paid if and only if you approve of the final product. You may be certain that you will get a high-quality paper since all authors go through rigorous testing and screening to ensure they meet all requirements. The order page allows you to communicate with your writer and monitor the status of your assignment at any time. Please keep in mind that the more the amount of information you provide the writer with, the better the final product will be.

How can I be sure that what I get doesn't include any plagiarized content?

We specialize in producing 100% original, written-to-order papers. And be assured that we will follow your instructions to the letter. We never provide anything that has been plagiarized or sold elsewhere. In addition, we have stringent regulations in place for all of our writers to follow so that you always obtain authentic, high-quality work from us. When you submit your paper, our plagiarism detector will make sure that it is completely original and has not been plagiarized from the web or previously submitted assignments.

Can I count on getting an A?

While we can't promise A on your paper, you may be certain that it will be well-written. You must recognize the subjectivity inherent in the grading process. We promise that the author will stick to your guidelines and provide high-quality work. However, we cannot influence the final grade from your professor.

How should I proceed if I am dissatisfied?

You may choose one of the following in the event that you are unhappy with the final product:

  • Solicit alterations from your author;
  • Ask for a replacement writer at no extra cost;
  • Inquire about a refund from customer service;
  • For us, client happiness is of the utmost importance, therefore if there is ever an issue, we will do all in our power to fix it.

Payment options and costs

Is your service provided at no cost?

No, regrets. We charge for our service since we write unique, high-quality essays for each customer. We are a prepayment service that believes all writers should be compensated for their efforts.

How exactly do you calculate the cost of my paper?

Since our professionals cannot risk not being paid for their job, payments are made before the author begins working on the project. However, there are a number of variables that affect the final cost of any given project:

  • What exactly is it that you need to get accomplished? Whether you require a whole new essay prepared from scratch or extensive revisions made to an existing one, the cost will vary depending on how much work is involved;
  • When do you need this by? How long is a blink of an eye? The cost will increase if you require it right away;
  • We have discounts and a reward system for regular customers: 5% OFF - 750 points | 10% OFF - 1500 points | 15% OFF - 3000 points.

How discounts work:

  1. Place any order. Once your payment is complete, you get 1 point for every dollar spent;
  2. Reach your discount. Collect the points and reach your first discount once you hit the required amount;
  3. Pay less every time. Your discount will be automatically applied to all future orders;
  4. Increase your savings. Get more done and reach higher levels, all the way to the top.

If you select some service that costs less than $10 per page, the writer will only get around $7 of every $10 you pay for an essay. Who can deliver good writing at such a cheap price? Considering the cheap price, it's likely that it will be written by an inexperienced beginner who couldn't care less about producing quality work. The company may also resell your work to essay banks for financial gain. These ridiculously cheap prices might be a red flag for fraud that delivers copied work in violation of all academic norms.

The costs our clients pay at MrsWriter enable us to hire highly skilled writers who can complete any assignment and who will solely produce unique work.

May I make a partial payment?

You can't pay for the paper in installments since you have to add enough money to your balance to cover the whole price at once.

How can I get a refund?

Our Terms of Service state that: since there are frequently individual circumstances behind a refund request, we evaluate each one on an individual basis. Be aware that if you claim that the quality of your order is bad, we may want to provide evidence in the form of a scanned copy of your professor's comments, a plagiarism analysis, etc. In the event that you seek a refund, your project will be placed in "Under investigation" and sent to our Quality Management Team (QMT) promptly.

After evaluating their results against the causes of discontent, appropriate measures will be implemented. In the event of a refund request due to errors or non-compliance with original instructions, our QMT will, at its professional judgment, evaluate the overall quality of the document and provide a refund according to the quantity of inaccurate material and errors found within it.

Can you explain the payment options available?

Select the most convenient payment method from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Microsoft Pay.

I'm worried about making a payment; is it safe?

Every one of our clients is important to us, and we take their security seriously. We will safeguard all personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Your payment card data is not kept on our systems, where it could be accessed by us. To keep your credit card information safe, we use secure socket layer (SSL) connections. The data you provide will be used only for invoicing, receiving, and controlling payments.

Privacy issues

Are customers' private details being seen by anyone?

You may be certain that your private information will remain secure and will be removed at your request. Under no circumstances will your private information be shared with other parties. Your writer will be anonymous, and they will not know your name, where you live, or even your contact details. Our policies are transparent and reliable. Please be aware that any materials you upload with your instructions or share in the chat with your writer are your alone responsibility.

Is there a chance that my professor will find out I've utilized this resource?

Because we constantly protect the privacy of our clients, no one will ever know who they are. All of our clients are assigned a special number instead of a name so that their privacy is protected.

Will my order information be visible to other customers?

No one except you and the author will ever know what you've ordered from us.

How can I permanently remove my account and all of its content?

Don't worry, you may erase anything from your account or profile at any moment. Account deletion is irreversible and cannot be undone once initiated. All deleted accounts are permanently gone and cannot be restored by the support staff. Furthermore, all previous discounts will be nullified. You will need to sign up for a new account if you wish to use our service again. If you want your account deleted, please get in touch with our customer support service.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you forget your password, don't worry. Just click the “Forgot password” icon. You may use the new password that is sent to you to access your account.