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Are you a doctoral candidate? Need help with your dissertation statistics? You’re not alone! Our dissertation statistics help offers you:

  • Data conducted by a professional quantitative dissertation consultant;
  • An easy way to get the statistics you need without being a statistician;
  • Help with everything from methodology to the presentation of results.
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Why do doctoral candidates hire help with dissertation statistics?

Chances are, you’re not a mathematical statistician. However, your dissertation requires you to present quantitative dissertation statistics. This is no small task. In fact, your statistical data can make or break your dissertation. Statistical data, interpretation, and presentation are REQUIRED to vindicate the relevance of your research and dissertation argument.

If your statistics fall flat, you will be asked to revise, and that is not something any PhD candidate wants to do. When you use our dissertation statistics help services in Canada, you will receive guided help on every aspect of your research. Our math whizzes will crunch the numbers for you. They will take care of the data so you can get on to bigger and better things!

Once you have your PhD, the sky’s the limit, so don’t take the chance that your dissertation will have to be revised. Hire a professional right from the start so that the discerning review panel will have no choice but to pass you the first time around.

Your dissertation requires you to present quantitative dissertation statistics
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What is the ‘statistical side’ of my dissertation?

Statistics is a type of mathematical sciences. Quantitative statistics are used in dissertations to prove theories, concepts, and/or ideas and arguments. Most commonly, this scientific field requires:

  • Interpretation;
  • Data analysis;
  • Explanation;
  • Presentation of data.

The problem is that most doctoral candidates are not mathematical statisticians, so they need help with this component of their dissertation. Statistical dissertation consultants help PHD candidates with:

Research methodology Research design Test statistics Interpreting the results
What is the sample size? How will you test your hypothesis Research questions Accuracy in interpretation
Which technique should be applied to the data? Justification for your design Types of statistical tests Presenting the results
What is the methodology? Justification for your design Ensuring valid/reliable results Proper format

It’s perfectly fine to be a bit confused about statistics. In fact, most doctoral candidates will use some sort of quantitative statistical consultant because it’s a specialized field. PhD candidates are expected to present a dissertation with accurate information but they are not expected to conduct the statistics themselves.

Are you tired of searching for what you need?

Our experts will answer any of your questions and help you choose a topic for your paper. Don't be afraid to ask the toughest questions. We are always in touch, just contact our online support
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What does dissertation statistics help involve?

Dissertation statistics help can involve as much or as little help as you need. Generally though, it involves hiring someone to help and assist you choose your:

  • Research methods;
  • Sample sizes;
  • Variables;
  • Data analysis plan;
  • Data interpretation and presentation.

Because statistics is a mathematical science, there is room for error if students try to do this themselves. No doctoral candidate wants to do countless chapter revisions because their dissertation is flawed. Hiring a statistical expert will ensure that your research methodologies and data analysis are flawless so your dissertation can pass with flying colors. You’ve come up with a brilliant idea that will contribute to your specific field. Now let the experts step in and do the math for you.

Dissertation statistics help can involve as much or as little help as you need
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Who’s on your team of dissertation statistics helpers?

We know that there are other dissertation statistics consulting sites out there

To get the right help with your dissertation, you need people who understand this convoluted type of research. Our writers have PhDs and our dissertation statistics helpers are certified mathematicians. We carefully vet every single one of our employees by verifying their credentials. We encourage all our customers to leave honest reviews so we can ascertain whether or not our employees are bringing their very best to every project.

We know that there are other dissertation statistics consulting sites out there, so we strive to be the best by only hiring the best. You have nothing to worry about when you use the assistance of one of our dissertation experts; you will receive the highest quality work.

Quality Dissertation Statistics Help Will Resolve All Your Problems
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What our online dissertation statistics help in Canada can do for you

By the time you reach the doctoral candidate phase of your academic career, you’ve already put in years and copious amounts of work. The hard part is behind you. All you need to do now is write your dissertation and have it pass the review panel. But in order to do that, you need to PROVE that your argument, or contribution to the academic milieu is relevant. This is done through statistical analysis and presentation.

Our experts will help you choose the right path for your research. They will also help you analyze the data you’ve collected and ensure that you present it in the most effective way. Too often, doctoral candidates are asked to revise entire chapters of their dissertation because

  • It lacks concrete evidence;
  • The statistical data was not properly analyzed;
  • The sample sizes are too big or too small;
  • The variable selection is incorrect;
  • The presentation does not adhere to PHD standards.

Don’t let any of these problems stand in your way. We have a team of mathematical geniuses that can help you navigate through everything ‘statistical’. You don’t need to be a statistician to ace your dissertation – you just need to hire one. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you with your dissertation statistics.

I need changes made to my dissertation. Can you do that for me?

We know how important your dissertation is to you, so we offer a number of guarantees to ensure your satisfaction. You have a ten-day window to request any revisions you want at no additional cost. Plus, in the rare event that you’re not completely happy with our dissertation statistics services, we’ll offer you your money back.

We also guarantee that your work will be plagiarism-free thanks to our unique triple-check system. And no need to worry about confidentiality. All of your information will be kept strictly confidential within our system.

I’d like statistical help with my dissertation. What are the next steps?

Getting help from us couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve registered with our site, you’ll be asked to fill out some forms and submit payment. Then you’ll be assigned one of our brilliant dissertation consultants and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your project in greater detail. From there, you can step back and let them get to work. The process is very user-friendly and you’ll be amazed at how quick and convenient it is to place an order with MrsWriter.

I assume dissertation services are pretty pricey? How much will I be charged for this service?

We believe that quality writing services don’t have to come with a high price tag. So we offer writing services for just $17.55 per page. That price includes all required research, proper formatting, and unlimited revisions within a ten-day window. If you’re looking for less intensive services, then we offer editing for just $11.70 per page and proofreading for just $9.96 per page.

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I only need help with part of my dissertation research and statistics. Is this possible?

Yes! Just let your assigned consultant know what you need help with. Our pricing is per page, so you only pay for what you need.

My dissertation is what grants me my PhD. Is it legal to get help with it?

Of course it is! Stata analysis and calculations are outside the realm of most doctoral and thesis candidates. No one expects you to be a mathematician. You could use support software, like SPSS, but most candidates prefer the aid of an expert.