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Are you falling a bit behind with your school work assignments? Wish you had more free time? Feeling bogged down by coursework? We have a solution for you! Our assignment writing services guarantee:

  • Professionally written assignments of any nature from any subject;
  • A fast and affordable way to stay on top of your coursework;
  • Extra time for you to do as you please.
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We are the best assignment writing services in Canada

It’s not uncommon for even the most avid students to feel overwhelmed by assignments from time to time. There is an endless mountain of reading, exercises, and essays. Wouldn't it be lovely if the load were a little lighter? What if you could have someone step in and do some of the coursework for you? Like that research paper, for example. You know, the one you haven't even begun working on but is due in a few days? Or how about that lab write up that you’ve been procrastinating on?

Well, we have good news. We have a team of experts standing by, 24/7, ready and willing to help you with any type of homework. That’s right, our assignment writing services cover all subjects and all kinds of coursework. And guess what? It’s super affordable. So stop drowning in coursework. Let our experts do your next assignment for you.

Array ( [MIGX_id] => 3 [text_sup_title] => [title] => How to place an order [descriptions] => [chunk] => tpl.howOrderUnique [category] => [class] => [image] => [image_title] => [image_alt] => [svg] => [video] => [video_file] => [gallery] => [text] => [href] => [href_text] => [href_attr] => [elements] => [{"MIGX_id":"1","text_sup_title":"","title":"Submit Instructions","descriptions":"","date":"","icon":"","image":"landing/88/Frame.png","image_title":"Step one","image_alt":"Submit Instructions","svg":"","text":"<p>Visit our site and complete the provided forms, which may require downloading additional files.</p>\n","video":"","href":"","href_text":"","href_attr":""},{"MIGX_id":"2","text_sup_title":"","title":"Choose Writer","descriptions":"","date":"","icon":"","image":"landing/88/4people_2.png","image_title":"Step two","image_alt":"Choose Writer","svg":"","text":"<p>Once you’ve paid for your order, you’ll be assigned a writer to assist you. If you like, you can also request a specific writer, such as someone you’ve worked with before.</p>\n","video":"","href":"","href_text":"","href_attr":""},{"MIGX_id":"3","text_sup_title":"","title":"Track Order","descriptions":"","date":"","icon":"","image":"landing/88/Frame_(2).png","image_title":"Step three","image_alt":"Track Order","svg":"","text":"<p>Work with your assigned writer to describe exactly what you need. Be as specific as possible.</p>\n","video":"","href":"","href_text":"","href_attr":""},{"MIGX_id":"4","text_sup_title":"","title":"Check Paper","descriptions":"","date":"","icon":"","image":"landing/88/Frame_(3).png","image_title":"Step four","image_alt":"Get your paper","svg":"","text":"<p>Once you’ve received your completed assignment, check it over carefully to ensure you’re satisfied. You’ll have a ten-day window to request an unlimited number of free edits.</p>\n","video":"","href":"","href_text":"","href_attr":""}] ) Array ( [MIGX_id] => 13 [text_sup_title] => [title] => Why are there so many assignments in school? [descriptions] => [chunk] => tpl.seoTextBlock3 [category] => [class] => [image] => [image_title] => [image_alt] => [svg] => [video] => [video_file] => [gallery] => [text] => <p>Teachers are required to assess the progress of their students. This is how they assign grades. One of the most effective ways to do this is through assignments. The intensity and complexity varies widely, as does the actual amount, but ALL schoolwork has some sort of formal assignment assessment in it somewhere. As a quick point of reference, let’s take a look at a table that highlights different types of coursework.</p> <table> <tbody> <tr> <th>Type of writing</th> <th>Field of study</th> <th>What it includes</th> </tr> <tr> <td>Scientific writing</td> <td>Mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, etc</td> <td>Knowledge of the scientific method, data analysis, hypothesis, abstracts, new contributions to science</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Research Writing</td> <td>English, history, psychology, philosophy, sociology</td> <td>Thesis statements, research, citations through various style guides, insight into previous research</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Creative Writing</td> <td>Fine arts classes, humanities classes (especially English)</td> <td>Short stories, poems, plays, self-reflections, journals, anything else without a structured format that has a creative element</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p>In the table above, you can clearly see that different disciplines lean towards different assignment types. This is because some things, like lab work, are a better reflection of the concepts covered in the class. Fine arts, for example, require creative thinking. Therefore, assignments that allow students to flex their creative muscles, like poems, are better assessment tools than things that require scientific thought.</p> <p>Likewise, coursework that demonstrates knowledge of scientific processes and methods are much more conducive to a biology class than a literary research paper. Thus, assignments aren’t JUST an assessment tool; they are also a reflection of the field of study and the core concepts being studied.</p> [href] => [href_text] => [href_attr] => [elements] => ) Array ( [MIGX_id] => 4 [text_sup_title] => [title] => Are you tired of searching for what you need? [descriptions] => [chunk] => tpl.tiredBlock [category] => [class] => [image] => landing/88/searching_for.png [image_title] => cheap assignment writing service [image_alt] => [svg] => [video] => [video_file] => [gallery] => [text] => <p>Our experts will answer any of your questions and help you choose a topic for your paper. Don't be afraid to ask the toughest questions. We are always in touch, just contact our online support.</p> [href] => [[++aside_service_link]] [href_text] => Place your order [href_attr] => [elements] => ) Array ( [MIGX_id] => 15 [text_sup_title] => [title] => Testimonials [descriptions] => [chunk] => tpl.reviewsList [category] => [class] => reviews--white [image] => [svg] => [video] => [gallery] => [text] => [href] => [href_text] => [elements] => [{"MIGX_id":"1","text_sup_title":"","title":"\u0442\u0435\u0441\u0442","descriptions":"3.7","date":"","icon":"","image":"artboards.svg","svg":"","text":"","video":"","href":"","href_text":""},{"MIGX_id":"2","text_sup_title":"","title":"\u0442\u0435\u0441\u0442-2","descriptions":"","date":"","icon":"","image":"artboards.svg","text":"","video":"","href":"","href_text":""}] )

What constitutes a good assignment

If you want to secure a good grade, you must submit a ‘good’ assignment. But what does that mean? An ‘A’ grade assignment is one that not only MEETS the coursework specifications, but also one that EXCEEDS them. There are standards that must be satisfied since coursework is mainly used as a tool for evaluation. If these requirements aren’t met, the assignment is doomed to fail.

However, to get the BEST grade, the expectations must be EXCEEDED. In short, ‘A’ assignments go above and beyond what it outlined/expected/required/specified. They ‘impress’. But how can a student possibly be expected to exceed and impress with every assignment when the pile is stacking up? Well, they often can’t, (there just aren’t enough hours in the day) which is why they turn to homework help websites, like ours, for extra help.

Array ( [MIGX_id] => 18 [text_sup_title] => [title] => Topics related [descriptions] => [chunk] => tpl.termLinksBlock [category] => 2883 [class] => [image] => [image_title] => [image_alt] => [svg] => [video] => [video_file] => [gallery] => [text] => [href] => [href_text] => [href_attr] => [elements] => ) Array ( [MIGX_id] => 17 [text_sup_title] => [title] => Samples [descriptions] => [chunk] => tpl.sampleListBlock [category] => [class] => [image] => [svg] => [video] => [gallery] => [text] => [href] => [href_text] => [elements] => ) Array ( [MIGX_id] => 9 [text_sup_title] => [title] => What will you do if I’m not happy with my assignment writing services [descriptions] => [chunk] => tpl.seoTextBlock1 [category] => [class] => container--nopdnbtm [image] => landing/88/Who_will_write_for_me.png [image_title] => How to order [image_alt] => Write my assignment for me [svg] => [video] => [video_file] => [gallery] => [text] => <p>If you’re not happy, we have a very simple solution. We’ll give you your money back. Yes, you read that right. All of our services come with a full money back guarantee. Not satisfied? Let us know and will issue your refund faster than you can say ‘not happy’. This, however, never occurs. Interested in learning the reason? We have something very special at Mrs. Writer. We call it our ten day limitless revision window. What does that mean? It means that you have up to ten days to request changes to your assignment.</p> <p>There is no additional charge for the number of modifications you request. So if you’re not happy with something, simply let your writer know. They’ll fix it. And they’ll keep fixing it until you’re happy. This is why we never have to offer refunds. We allow the opportunity for revisions. Oh, and have you heard about our triple plagiarism check policy? We check every single writing assignment three times for plagiarism. So not only do we guarantee you’ll be happy with your project, but we also guarantee it will be unique.</p> [href] => [href_text] => [href_attr] => [elements] => ) Array ( [MIGX_id] => 16 [text_sup_title] => [title] => Purchase writing service assistance for your assignments [descriptions] => [chunk] => tpl.helpBlock [category] => [class] => [image] => [image_title] => [image_alt] => [svg] => [video] => [video_file] => [gallery] => [text] => [href] => /manage/signup [href_text] => Order now [href_attr] => [elements] => ) Array ( [MIGX_id] => 14 [text_sup_title] => [title] => [descriptions] => [chunk] => tpl.seoTextBlock3-width80 [category] => [class] => [image] => [image_title] => [image_alt] => [svg] => [video] => [video_file] => [gallery] => [text] => <h3>Why you should consider using our assignment writing service</h3> <p>Assignments come in all shapes and forms, from major research papers to simple worksheets. But no matter the assignment, they all have one thing in common; they contribute towards your final grade in the course. Therefore, it is imperative to get the best marks you can, no matter the assignment. However, students are under extraordinary amounts of pressure and stress. More so today than ever before! University acceptance in Canada is extremely competitive, and once accepted, the rigors are enough to send any student over the edge. This is why homework help websites are becoming more and more standard. Students everywhere are making the smart decision to hire help for their coursework writing assignments.</p> <p>We are one of the leading homework help websites in Canada and if there’s one thing we understand – it’s assignments! Our specially curated team of professional writers can help with:</p> <ul> <li>Essays;</li> <li>Research papers;</li> <li>Abstract;</li> <li>Creative assignments;</li> <li>Speeches;</li> <li>Scientific papers;</li> <li>Thesis/dissertation writing;</li> <li>Worksheets;</li> <li>Translation exercises;</li> <li>Personal statements and scholarship essay.</li> </ul> <p>This is not an exhaustive list, but rather just some of the more common types of assignments we encounter. Basically, if it’s assigned and it involves writing, we can do it! Our services cover students of all ages and levels. We provide high quality writing written by someone who SPECIALIZES in that field of study. Need help with:</p> <ul> <li>Biology?</li> <li>Math?</li> <li>English literature?</li> <li>Communications?</li> <li>Sociology?</li> <li>History?</li> <li>Chemistry?</li> <li>Creative studies?</li> </ul> <p>We have writers for that, and so much more! Don’t let your grades slip away because you’re overwhelmed or too busy. Don’t jeopardize acceptance into your college of choice because you couldn’t keep up. And don’t you dare risk your scholarship because you’re worn out! Give yourself some time to relax. Give yourself a break! You’ve definitely earned it! Contact us right now for assistance with your upcoming online assignment in Canada.</p> <h3>Who will write my assignment?</h3> <p>One of our expert professionals will write your assignment. If it’s a scientific paper, then we’ll hand it over to a scientist. If it’s a literature research paper, then off it goes to one of our literary gurus. Poetry? We’ll match you with a poet. Dissertation? We have doctorates on our team. No matter what the assignment is, we have a specialist in that field. This is what differentiates us from other homework websites – we pair you up with a professional. All our writers have been thoroughly verified. They have:</p> <ul> <li>lengthy academic backgrounds;</li> <li>Stellar CVs;</li> <li>Degrees in their respective fields;</li> <li>Years of work experience;</li> <li>Rave reviews.</li> </ul> <p>And speaking of reviews, we take our customer reviews very seriously. If we find out that one of our writers is getting less than savory reviews on our site, there will be disciplinary action. However, this rarely happens because we source out passionate people right from the start, so our writers always aim to please. In fact, our writers are one of the reasons we have so many repeat customers. But don’t just take our word for it – try us out for yourself. Our assignment writing services is only a click away. So go ahead, take the first step, and let us assist you today.</p> <h3>How do I place an order for your assignment writing services?</h3> <p>Our ordering process is quick and streamlined for ease of use. Simply register on our site. This is the first step. Once that’s done, you’ll be asked to fill out some info and submit payment through our secure portal. We’ll process the payment and then match you up with your perfect writer. He or she will contact you and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your project in length, if you want.</p> <p>Thereafter, just wait as we do the work. Your writer will let you know when they’re done. Review and ask for any needed revisions and then that's it! Go ahead, hand it in and wait for your wonderful grade!</p> <h3>How much do assignments cost at MrsWriter</h3> <p>We have three pricing options, depending on what you need. If you have already written your assignment and just want to eliminate all the typos and spelling errors, then our proofreading is $9.96 per page. For something more comprehensive, but still editorial, our editing services are $11.70 per page. These services include structural changes, voice corrections, tone tweaks, and a full proofread. And finally, if you need writing services, then we charge $17.55 per page.</p> <p>Our full writing services include any formatting style, a topic idea (if needed), all the research, and custom-written plagiarism-free content. As you can see, each service includes a lot but doesn’t cost a lot. This is another reason we have so many repeat customers – our prices are so cheap, they are truly hard to beat.</p> [href] => [href_text] => [href_attr] => [elements] => ) Array ( [MIGX_id] => 10 [text_sup_title] => [title] => Take advantage of professional writting services for your assignment [descriptions] => [chunk] => tpl.helpBlock [category] => [class] => [image] => [image_title] => [image_alt] => [svg] => [video] => [video_file] => [gallery] => [text] => [href] => /manage/signup [href_text] => Start using [href_attr] => [elements] => ) Array ( [MIGX_id] => 11 [text_sup_title] => [title] => FAQ [descriptions] => [chunk] => tpl.faqListBlockOnlyPage [category] => [class] => [image] => [image_title] => [image_alt] => [svg] => [video] => [video_file] => [gallery] => [text] => [href] => [href_text] => [href_attr] => [elements] => [{"MIGX_id":"1","text_sup_title":"","title":"I’m worried that my assignment will be plagiarized. Can you guarantee it won’t?","descriptions":"","date":"","icon":"","image":"","image_title":"","image_alt":"","svg":"","text":"<p>Yes! We check every assignment three times to make sure there isn’t even a single plagiarized line. We know how serious plagiarism is and we would NEVER give you plagiarized work.</p>\n","video":"","href":"","href_text":"","href_attr":""},{"MIGX_id":"2","text_sup_title":"","title":"My assignments really piled up on me and now I have several due. Can I order more than one at a time? And can you do them quickly?","descriptions":"","date":"","icon":"","image":"","image_title":"","image_alt":"","svg":"","text":"<p>Yes and yes. You can place multiple orders and we offer rush services with our assignmenthelpus service. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Just use us and let us know what you need.</p>\n","video":"","href":"","href_text":"","href_attr":""},{"MIGX_id":"3","text_sup_title":"","title":"I already wrote my research paper but I don’t understand citations. Can you help with this?","descriptions":"","date":"","icon":"","image":"","image_title":"","image_alt":"","svg":"","text":"<p>Absolutely! Our editing service includes any formatting style, so if you’ve already written your paper, then go ahead and place an order for editing. Your editor will ensure that all your citations are done correctly.</p>\n","video":"","href":"","href_text":"","href_attr":""}] )